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Reading Franchise Financials

“A Cheat’s Guide? What’s that?” Well, it’s certainly not a guide to cheating in a franchise. It’s about helping you know some of the smart things to look at on the numbers side when you’re buying a franchise.
You’ve probably consulted a few cheat’s guides in the past. Perhaps a cheat’s guide to Christmas parties. The sort of thing that gives you tips on how to achieve a result without having … Read the full post »

6 Commonly Overlooked Risks When Starting a New Business

6 Biggest Risks of Owning a Business – 



Personal Liability: For any small business owner, one lawsuit could potentially result in the loss of a business, or worse – the loss of personal finances and assets. Because sole proprietors are individually responsible for any business claims filed against them, it is absolutely necessary to seek protection with personal liability insurance.

Insufficient Funds: As … Read the full post »