5 Things Mentally Tough People Don’t Do

Are you mentally tough enough?
1) They don’t feel sorry for themselves
They understand that complaining doesn’t make the situation better.

They know that people won’t treat them the way they want to be treated, circumstances might not be ideal, and they will experience adversity; however, rather than complain about the negative aspects of their situation, they focus on what they want to happen and what they’re going to do about it.

2) They … Read the full post »

What should a potential buyer be looking out for?

What should a potential buyer be looking out for? Brian Budd from Trident Business and Corporate Sales

Brian Budd 
Business Broker
Trident Business and Corporate Sales

Business Brokerage is an extremely important link in the Australian entrepreneurial chain. Eden Exchange recently spoke with Brian Budd who is the founder and principle broker at Trident Business and Corporate … Read the full post »

Ever Considered Becoming a Business Broker

Considering a Career in Real Estate?
Have you ever thought about or considered becoming a business broker?

Flexible working hours – Work when it suits you. Typically no scheduled evening or weekend work unless you want to, with no open houses or auctions. You manage your schedule for daily activities, holidays and days off. Most of us figure out how … Read the full post »

Applying military principles to business risk


The motto of the United Kingdom’s Special Air Service (SAS), probably one of the world’s best Special Operations Forces (SOF) is, “Who Dares Wins.” The history of the UK SAS, founded during World War II, is one of daring and victory across the globe.

The UK SAS are the leaders in hostage rescue, desert warfare, and jungle fighting to name only a few areas of their vast military specialties. It is easy to … Read the full post »

10 Tips That Will Help Launch Your Startup Faster

Business Pic 1


The startup culture is full of people who want to, and try to, but just can’t get their business off the ground. Why is this the case? Much of the reason has to do with the fact that many entrepreneurs don’t know how to take their business from point A to B. Point A is that brilliant idea in the mind of … Read the full post »

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