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The buying and selling of businesses can be fraught with pitfalls for those who do not know what to be careful of. Even experienced business operators can make mistakes, and those mistakes can potentially be very costly.

Obviously it is best to avoid costly mistakes, and one of the best ways to do this is to employ the services of a business sales agent to ensure everything is completed as smoothly as possible.

The only business agents in Melbourne you should choose to handle your transactions is Trident Business and Corporate Sales, because our fully accredited business brokerage service has successfully negotiated many satisfactory deals for clients over time, earning a unique and trusted reputation that is unmatched by any other business sales agency in Melbourne.

Why you need a business agent

Agents do much more than just facilitate sales. They are an independent third party providing essential oversight to the transaction, ensuring that a fair outcome is achieved to the mutual satisfaction of buyer and seller.

Other things agents do include:

  • Investigating the viability, legal standing, and regulatory compliance of the business being sold.
  • Obtaining all the necessary documentation required for the sale and transfer of the business.
  • Providing advice and recommendations to help in the decision making process.
  • Providing escrow services to maintain trust in the transaction for buyers and sellers while the sale and transfer is being completed.

Those are some of the ways agents help clients to make smart choices and get good results, but there are many other things agents do as well.

What makes Trident the best business sales agent?

You could choose any business agents in Melbourne to assist you, but when you come to Trident, you know you are in safe hands.

We know our most important asset is our reputation, and it’s an asset we protect very carefully. This is what has helped us to become the best business sales agents in Melbourne, and why we continue to achieve outstanding results year after year.

Buyers trust Trident Business and Corporate Sales to provide sound choices in business opportunities. They know we only list businesses that are genuinely viable operations, so they won’t waste time or money looking at businesses that don’t have potential or doesn’t suit their needs.

Sellers are happy with the services Trident Business and Corporate Sales provides because we get results.

Selling a business requires specialist skills that most people don’t possess and also needs an impartial approach that business owners certainly can’t adopt. The process should therefore be left to a business sales agent who can ensure a smooth and effective outcome.

Use business agents in Melbourne for the best outcome

An experienced business agent will have the negotiating skills that are needed to achieve the best outcome. These skills include:

  • an ability to build a rapport with potential buyers by treating each one as an individual and being friendly, informative and helpful
  • being able to focus on the main issues and not being side-tracked by insignificant facts
  • truly understanding the nature of the business and being able to put facts over in a positive way to prospective buyers
  • paying attention to detail and always carrying through with promises
  • being totally honest and transparent so that the buyer has confidence in what is said
  • flexibility in approach so that a rigid attitude doesn’t delay or prevent the sale
  • confidence in the offer without being too glib or adopting too much of a sales pitch.

Working together with business sale agents in Melbourne

Although the business agent will be handling the negotiations and the paperwork for the deal, it is your business and you will always have the final say. Nevertheless, it is in your interest to work closely with the agent, keeping them fully informed of everything that is likely to affect the deal.

The agent will be prepared to disclose fully all material facts, good and bad, and to answer all the buyer’s questions.

However, sensitive information that may damage your business will not be given out without putting in place a non-disclosure agreement. If any details are likely to have a negative impact for the buyer, they will always be described in as positive a way as possible.

The business agent in Melbourne will have sufficient experience to know what to divulge to the buyer and when. An initial meeting may be about building a relationship and establishing aims rather than haggling over the price. That will come later, after the buyer has conducted due diligence and ascertained their view of the true value of the business.

The agent will know the benefit of not divulging everything too early and not disclosing anything that is likely to weaken your position — such as an immovable deadline the buyer may be able to take advantage of.

The difference between over- and under-disclosure is a fine line that an experienced agent will tread to achieve the best result for everyone.

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