Business Valuers in Melbourne

Throughout the life of your business, the chances are, at some point you will require a formal business valuation. There are many reasons why this would be the case, and usually, business valuations are conducted for the following reasons.

  • Estate Planning
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Refinancing or business loans
  • Raising Capital
  • Restructuring your Company ( Buy Ins – Sell Outs )
  • Insurance Claims
  • Selling or Exiting your Business
  • Litigation

What is important to consider here is that a valuation is very different from an appraisal. Whereas an appraisal is usually an estimation of a price range conducted by a broker (mostly for the purposes of listing a business for sale in the marketplace), a valuation is conducted in a totally different manner. To begin with, it will usually contain a Conclusion of Value represented in a specific dollar amount, further, it is evidence based and presented in a logical, sequential and defendable format.

You may be surprised to know that the financial information relating to the business makes up only a small percentage of the valuation itself. Depending on the scope and purpose of the valuation, it is far more in depth, encompassing areas such as ( but not exhaustive ).

  • Business Risk
  • Industry growth
  • The transferability of any Goodwill
  • Leases and occupancy requirements
  • Staff and associated industry issues
  • What licences and Permits are required
  • Competition and barriers to entry into the industry
  • Business Capital requirements
  • Consideration of any Plant and Equipment
  • The marketability of the business ( how easy or difficult is it to sell )
  • Financial reports
  • The type of Business

We follow a structured process, ensuring the valuation is accurate and delivered on time, in accordance with the scope and purpose it was requested for. The valuation is compliant with accounting standards, adhering to the Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board (APES) Standards 225 and 215. APES 225 sets the standards for Members in the provision of both quality and ethical valuation services.

If you require a formal business valuation, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 03 8687 2116 or 0417 303 196 for a confidential discussion.

Need a Business Valuation in Melbourne?

Getting a valuation of your business in Melbourne is something you should consider before selling.

Without an accurate assessment, you could be trying to sell your business for too much or too little, and both can cause serious problems for you.

To obtain a business valuation in Melbourne, talk to Trident Business and Corporate Sales. We are business brokers and experts in Melbourne business valuation.

You will be able to sell more confidently when you know exactly what your business is worth, and you’ll also have a more realistic picture of what to expect. Most of the time if people are disappointed after selling their business, it is because they discover in hindsight that they did not know the real value of their business until it is too late.

Business Valuation Specialists Melbourne

As a business valuation specialist in Melbourne, Trident is able to advise you on the best ways to prepare your business for sale, and can help you improve the potential valuation so that you’re in the best position to sell your business easily.

With help from Trident Business and Corporate Sales  , most business owners are able to sell their business for full value, and sell as quickly as possible. Our reputation for providing accurate and fair valuations is appreciated by buyers and sellers alike, and it is what has helped us to be a leader in business valuations in Melbourne.

There are many things that can affect the value of your business. Its location, number of years in business, financial position, financial projections, reputation, competition, barriers to entry, and more are all factors in the actual value, among numerous other things.

No two businesses are exactly alike, even within franchises. There will always be unique factors that influence the valuation. For accurate advice, it makes sense to trust the top business valuers in Melbourne.

Once the value of your business has been assessed, you are ready to prepare for selling the business. This is a major step as well, and it will pay off if you spend a little time to go over your initial valuation and see if there is anything you can do to increase the valuation or make the business better presented for sale before you go ahead and sell.

Melbourne Business Valuation Advice & more

Trident Business and Corporate Sales can advise you on ways to improve your valuation if necessary. We will then be happy to help you with selling. We can list your business, giving you reach to the widest audience of potential buyers, but we don’t stop there.

We can also promote your business for sale through multiple social media channels, and if you have the budget for it we can prepare more in-depth advertising campaigns as well. Not only that, we can also promote you directly to buyers we know are already looking to purchase a business similar to the one you are selling.

In every way, Trident makes selling a business a simpler task, so take the first step by engaging Trident to help with your business valuations in Melbourne.

The sale of your business is the reward for many years of time and effort you’ve put into it. To maximise that reward, you need to ensure it is valued correctly.

Getting a True Valuation of Business in Melbourne

All business owners have emotional investment in their business — they may have started it and brought it to where it is now. Consequently, their involvement means they’re not suited to place an accurate valuation on the business and this is best left to an independent professional.

To obtain a true valuation of your business, a business valuation specialist from Melbourne will visit your premises to obtain necessary information. That will include trading figures for several years as well as future plans and prospects.

The business valuation can be based on various approaches:

  • the value of assets, both tangible assets that include land, buildings, furniture and equipment, and intangible assets such as brands, customers, employees and intellectual property
  • current net value of the business income, based on current and future earnings at today’s values, often being calculated as a multiple of cash flow
  • an estimate of future earnings potential of the business, used to value the business when compared to similar businesses that have sold recently.

In practical terms, a mixture of methods is often used for business valuations in Melbourne, so the final valuation is based on a combination of assets, current earnings and future sales plus other variables.

How Business Valuers in Melbourne Will Maximise Your Returns

Selling a business can be your one chance to reap the rewards of a lifetime of effort so you need to get it right. Set the value too low and your effort will not get true recognition; set it too high and you’ll struggle and probably fail to get any interest.

Getting a correct business valuation in Melbourne is crucial for the successful outcome of the sales process so it’s importance can’t be overstated. And, since some buyers may place greater emphasis on certain aspects of the business, you need to justify that price and state how it’s determined.

Certain buyers may rate highly the value of the assets of the business since they may have plans to realise some of those assets. Others may care mainly about the current profitability of the business and may be interested in the combination of assets that drive the profits.

For many, the main concern will be how easily the current profit level can continue to be maintained while for others the cash flow is the primary factor.

Since many businesses are purchased with the use of finance, cash flow is crucial in its ability to support the debt repayments and provide a decent return on investment. Getting a good and dependable business valuation in Melbourne is essential for the success of the sale.

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