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Selling businesses is what we do, it’s our core function. In fact, it’s what we specialise in as we are an agency which conducts business broking only. That means 100% of our time is dedicated to selling your business. We do not sell real estate ( although we do if it is attached to a business ) we don’t manage property for landlords or conduct auctions.

The sale of a business is much more complex than your typical real estate transaction. Please have a look under the “our services’ section on this website for a further overview of the sales process. In the meantime, feel free to complete the information below and we will contact you to arrange an obligation free meeting. Alternatively, feel free to pick up the phone and call.

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Selling a business is not a process you should rush, but it’s also not something that should take a long time. Paradoxical as that may seem, it’s vitally important to make sure you are meticulous and appropriately cautious, while doing your best to get a sale.

This page contains some of the most frequently asked questions received from business owners wanting to sell, and our best answers for those questions.

What does it take to sell my business online in Melbourne?

Melbourne is a great market for online selling because we have a population that is very connected, and most people who live in Melbourne are confident in buying online.

For something as complex as a business sale, it’s possible that the entire deal won’t be completed online, but at least the process of connecting with a buyer will be completed quickly and easily in most cases.

Can I really sell my Melbourne business online?

You can sell practically anything online, including a business. In fact, online is one of the best way to sell, because it’s usually the first place most people look and it’s the most efficient way to advertise.

Are there legal hurdles to sell my business?

There can be several potential legal hurdles you may face, depending on the nature of the business you are selling.

Certain types of businesses may have licensing issues that will potentially restrict who the business can be transferred to, or there may need to be certain safety compliance matters that need to be verified before the sale can be effected.

The best advice in this situation is to talk to professional business brokers such as Trident Business and Corporate Sales, as this way you can be sure you are aware of everything that needs to be done, and even better, they can handle all the most difficult tasks for you.

Is it difficult to sell my business in Melbourne?

Quite the contrary. Melbourne businesses are highly sought after, due to the lucrative potential.

Melbourne is a business-friendly city, with a thriving population of consumers, laws that favour business, and excellent infrastructure that can help business owners keep their business running well.

These factors attract buyers from all over the world to come to Melbourne and buy a local business. You may be surprised just how easy it is to sell a business in Melbourne.

Should I sell my business in Melbourne?

That’s a question only you can answer, but it depends on the reason you want to sell. If you are retiring, suffering ill health, or need to quickly access liquid capital, selling is really a good idea (or even selling a part interest in the business).

If you are selling because of a temporary downturn, that might not be the best decision. All indicators point to long term growth in business potential in Melbourne, so it’s usually the best policy to press on, as long as you’re coping with the pressure.

Do I need an agent to sell my business?

There’s no legal requirement to have an agent, but it’s still a really good idea to employ an agent instead of trying to sell on your own.

When you have an agent working on your behalf, you extend your reach, increasing the chance of connecting with a suitable buyer quickly, and many of the more tedious tasks involved in the sale will be handled for you.

Most business owners at some time ask the question ‘Should I sell my business?’. That can occur for all sorts of reasons and the answer is rarely simple.

When Should I Sell My Business in Melbourne?

There’s probably no real optimum time to sell a business but it’s best if you pick your time rather than the sale being forced on you. There are all sorts of reasons to sell, including:

  • if you’re ready for retirement or wish to switch to a new and different business venture
  • when the challenges of running a business are not what they were and you want to get out
  • due to increased competition that has forced declining sales, profits and overall performance
  • if the business has grown too big and you feel unable to progress it further
  • a foreseen future threat that will adversely affect your business
  • you may have health problems or changes to your personal circumstances
  • an opportunity, such as a proposed acquisition of your business, that is too good to miss
  • when business is booming, with rising sales and profits that should guarantee a high sales price.

Whatever the situation, don’t panic or take rash decisions. Never say ‘I’m going to sell my business in Melbourne’ until you’ve taken stock of your position and weighed up all the options so you can make an informed decision that will assure the best outcome.

How to Sell My Business Fast in Melbourne and Obtain the Best Price

Clearly, the better shape a business is in, the more attractive it will be to potential buyers and the better a price it is likely to fetch. Selling in negative circumstances, such as when profits are falling or rivals are encroaching on market share, will reduce the likely valuation of your business. It’s better to sell when times are better if you can afford to delay the sale.

Getting the best price will generally occur when market conditions are favourable and the accounts have a healthy look. If neither is the case, you might be better trying to improve matters before putting the business up for sale.

It may not be practicable to alter market conditions but you may be able to react to them by updating your products or services to achieve better results. If sales and profits are declining, you may be able to make changes that improve matters, at least in the short-term.

Buyers will react well to an improving situation and, if you can achieve that, the business valuation will increase. If you’ve made the decision to ‘sell my own business in Melbourne’, the timing of the sale may be crucial to getting the best price.

How can Trident help to Sell My Business online in Melbourne?

Trident is the most trusted business brokerage agency in Melbourne, so more buyers come to us. This means we can help you get a sale, and because we are so thorough in our work, we also will ensure you are getting the best return.

For more information, simply call Trident on 03 8687 2116 or send an email to with the subject line “How can I sell my own business in Melbourne?” for a quick response from our team of consultants.

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