Click Here To Find the Value of your Business in 30 seconds……Yeah Right !


I am amazed at the amount of automated business value tools available on the internet. Many business brokers have them on their websites, or other sites they own which are designed to ‘get you in’….

What is a franchise and how does it work?


A franchise is a way of structuring a business. Generally, it involves the owner of a business (known as the franchisor) licensing to a third party (known as the franchisee) the right to operate a…

Reading Franchise Financials

“A Cheat’s Guide? What’s that?” Well, it’s certainly not a guide to cheating in a franchise. It’s about helping you know some of the smart things to look at on the numbers side when you’re...

6 Commonly Overlooked Risks When Starting a New Business

6 Biggest Risks of Owning a Business -      Personal Liability: For any small business owner, one lawsuit could potentially result in the loss of a business, or worse – the loss of personal...

The 1 Percent Rule: Why a Few People Get Most of the Rewards

Sometime in the late 1800s—nobody is quite sure exactly when—a man named Vilfredo Pareto was fussing about in his garden when he made a small but interesting discovery. Pareto noticed that a tiny number of...

7 Things to Consider When Selling Your Business

Consideration Number 1 – Not Advertising Your Business Correctly. In order to sell the business it must be advertised. Before you select a business broker, ask them about their advertising, the cost, the coverage, the...
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