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Selling businesses is what we do, it’s our core function. In fact, it’s what we specialise in as we are an agency which conducts business broking only. That means 100% of our time is dedicated to selling your business. We do not sell real estate ( although we do if it is attached to a business ) we don’t manage property for landlords or conduct auctions. The sale of a business is much more complex than your typical real estate transaction. Please have a look under the “our services’ section on this website for a further overview of the sales process. In the meantime, feel free to complete the information below and we will contact you to arrange an obligation free meeting. Alternatively, feel free to pick up the phone and call. Read more…

Selling a business online is the quickest and most affordable way to sell. When selling online, you can reach a large market of potential buyers very easily, and the costs are much lower than traditional advertising.

But when selling your business online, there are some things you really need to know.

Listing your business for sale with Trident Business and Corporate Sales accredited business brokers in Melbourne, means you will reach a targeted audience of interested buyers. Why this is important? Because Trident Business and Corporate Sales is a trusted name in business brokerage. People feel confident in purchasing and selling a business through Trident.

Why selling a business Online is easier than you think

Selling a business online in Melbourne is also quite easy, because Melbourne is a very attractive place for buyers. Victoria is one of the three Australian states with above average wealth (NSW and WA are the other two), and Victoria’s more affordable cost of living than NSW and WA means most people have more disposable income to spend, and spend it they do.

As a result, many Victorian businesses prosper. Being the major Victorian city, Melbourne has the majority share of Victoria’s wealth, and that means buying a business in Melbourne is a very smart move.

It naturally follows that if buying a business in Melbourne is so desirable, it is a seller’s market, and in all the years we have been involved in business brokerage, we have found this generally holds true.

You do need to be aware that selling a business in Melbourne, whatever way you decide to sell it, may involve certain legal steps that need to be completed before you can walk away from the business with no further obligations.

For example, any business with a complete valuation of $350,000 or less will be regarded in Victorian state law as a small business. When a business that fits this category is sold, it is required to complete a Section 52 Statement. This is a form of business disclosure and must be provided to the purchaser prior to the signing of the contract of sale. Trident will liaise with your accountant when it comes to having one of these documents prepared.

Things you need to know before selling a business online

There are many other legal matters that it is necessary to know before selling a business in Melbourne. Many of these things are determined by the size and structure of your business, the number of employees you have (and the nature of their employment), your annual turnover, and many factors too numerous to list here.

You can make selling your business online in Melbourne easier by choosing Trident as your business broker. Trident is a leading business sales agent, and has extensive experience brokering the sale of Melbourne businesses of all kinds.

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If you have a Business for Sale or you are Buying a Business. Trident Business and Corporate Sales makes it easy. We are the Melbourne’s best Business Brokers & Business Sales Agents to get you the results you after. Our service is convenient, and contacting us is easy. You can phone us on 03 8687 2116 or email us at for prompt service and all the answers you need.

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