Small Business Brokers Melbourne

If you are searching for small business brokers in Melbourne, you have already found the best Melbourne small business broker.

The Best Small Business Brokers in Melbourne

The little things we do are as important as the big things, and everything we do is intended with a single purpose in mind – to help our clients make great business deals together. That is how we have become the best small business broker in Melbourne.

For buyers, we provide a range of services that will help you find and purchase the ideal business to meet your needs. Choosing a business to buy requires careful consideration, and our Trident business consultants can give you any advice you need to make the right decision.

We don’t try to influence you to make hasty decisions that won’t benefit you, because we know it is important that you get a business that suits you. If the business you buy isn’t the right fit for you personally, your chances of success in it would be diminished. Read more…

What makes Trident stand out as a small business broker in Melbourne?

There is no bias to either buyers or sellers. We know that today’s sellers will perhaps become buyers again, and that buyers will almost certainly one-day wish to sell. Our reputation is our best asset, so we don’t squander it.

By always giving our best service to buyers and sellers in every business brokerage negotiation, we make sure all parties are mutually satisfied with the outcome. This is the standard you should expect from all professional small business brokers in Melbourne, but amazingly not everyone shares our standards or work ethic.

We’re the Expert Small Business Brokers in Melbourne

Sellers also benefit from our expertise. Our services for sellers include:

  • Listing the business for sale, and promoting it on our website, every other business for sale website in Australia, presenting your business to expert business migration agents, and of course social media channels
  • Designing and implementing advertising campaigns where necessary, according to the needs and budget of the clients
  • Direct marketing of the business to buyers we know are already interested in purchasing a similar business (the easiest sale is a direct sale) while all the while maintaining confidentiality. It is true, very often the buyer for your business could be a customer, a staff member or manager, or even a competitor. So your business needs to be presented in the best possible way
  • As much as possible, taking care of the legal procedures and paperwork, making the process of selling easier for our clients by referring some of Melbourne’s best lawyers who specialise in business sales only.
  • Providing accurate business valuations, so you can sell your business for the right amount, with the right selling expectations
  • Advising clients so they can get the best results from their sale

As you can see, Trident is more than just another Melbourne small business broker. We are the company that goes the extra mile for our clients, always trying to provide better value in everything we do.

Contact the Best Small Business Brokers in Melbourne

When you need the services of small business brokers in Melbourne, you need look no further than Trident.

If you have a Business for Sale or you are Buying a Business. Trident Business and Corporate Sales makes it easy. We are the Melbourne’s best Business Brokers & Business Sales Agents to get you the results you after. Our service is convenient, and contacting us is easy. You can phone us on 03 8687 2116 or email us at for prompt service and all the answers you need.

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